Frequently Asked Questions

Door/Gate Entry
  • chevron_rightHow do I enter/exit The Albemarle?
    The Albemarle is a secure building. Residents enter the building using an assigned FOB.
    Resident Entry - Assigned FOB
    FOBS can be purchased for $75.00 per FOB; maximum number of FOBS to be issued to each unit is four (4). Note: To be able to maintain the level of security that the gates/entry doors are intended to provide, please do not give your FOB to others.  If you do not have your FOB you will be locked out.
    Visitor Entry
    The interactive Guest Entry System is located at the bottom of the guest entry staircase.  Guests (a) scroll through the alphabetical list of residents, (b) enter the resident's three digit code into the keypad, and (c) the system connects to the resident's telephone.  If the resident opts to grant entry, he/she presses six on their phone's keypad, disconnects, and the guest entry gate is unlocked.
    Exiting the Resident's Garage
    A FOB is not required to exit the community by car.  There are several wire sensors in the ground that will activate to open the gate as a car approaches.
    NOTE: IN NO CASE SHOULD YOU TRY TO PUSH OPEN THE GATES/ENTRY DOORS. The gate operates on a hydraulic arm.  The pressure must be released from this arm or they will not open.
    Gate/Entry Door Operating Hours
    The gates/entry doors will always be locked
    Emergencies at the Gate
    If the gate/entry doors are not operating, please contact:
    Property Management Services
    Lisa Landy  843-881-5453
Unit Repairs/Renovations
  • chevron_rightWhat do you need to inform your contractor before doing repairs or renovations inside your unit?
    Owners performing renovation or repair work, please note the following:
    1.  Please notify management of scheduled work.
    2.  Inform your contractor they are not to enter or exit the building through the entrance off the pool deck.
    3.  Contractor working hours are from 8am – 6pm
    4. Contractors are not to use the wagons to haul material or tools at any time.  The wagons in the garage are to be used by owners and residents only.